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My current body of work is a combination of engraved imagery and transparent layers of acrylic glazes on tempered hardboard panels.I use a router to engrave the linear design elements into the panel and then brush on layers of glazes for the colors.The result is a colorful and textural surface of carved and painted images that are reminiscent of a wood or linoleum block.

The imagery itself comes from many different sources and influences: Modern masters, 60's Pop,Folk art,Textile design/Quilts, Aboriginal art,New Orleans funk, Music of all sorts, Storytelling and real life experiences.Having lived in Florida for most of my adult life ,the images around me ,both real and imaginary , have intertwined with these and other influences to help create a style that conveys a contemporary coastal feel that is both sophisticated and fun.

The pieces ,as I mentioned, are done on 1/4 inch hardboard panels. Each piece comes framed and ready to hang. The frames are all made of maple hardwood.They are simple and unfinished, which works well with the work itself. You can easily paint or apply a finish to the frame if you wish. 

All of the pieces you see on the web site are available for purchase. I also do custom commision work.If you have specific imagery and/or sizes that you would like to dicuss, Feel free to email or call . I can also personalize many of the pieces you see on the web site. I can add family names, phrases etc. to make them a true one of a kind piece. Great for birthdays, anniversaries etc.Thanks for enjoying the work. Hope to see you at the shows
                All images copyright of Tony Krysinsky 2010 .